About Scott Custom Shop

Each and every Scott fly rod is handcrafted, one at a time in our shop in Montrose, Colorado. Our dedicated team of rod craftsmen take great pride in their work, whether building rods from graphite, fiberglass or split bamboo.

Because we create every rod, start to finish, in our own shop we have the unique ability to offer you choices and options for a personlized high performance fly rod.

By choosing your one of a kind Custom Scott rod, you are getting the very best components and the finest build from our rod craftsmen. We're as excited to build these rods for you as you are to choose them and fish them.

Sure, we have to rearrange our production schedule and design and inventory many of these new custom components, but we think it's worth it to bring you this service.

So get started and build your heirloom quality Scott Custom fly rods. They are exceptional fishing tools, and are a pleasure to own and behold.